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You Know

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  1. you know 1. A filler phrase used when one is thinking of what to say next. I like the one with the, you know, the red thing on top. 2. A question posed at the end of a statement to elicit agreement or acknowledgment. I can't describe it. It just felt a little bittersweet, you know? 3. A phrase used to emphasize or draw attention to one's statement. I.
  2. You know definition is - —used when one is trying to help someone remember something. How to use you know in a sentence.
  3. you know definition: 1. a phrase with little meaning, used while you are trying to think of what to say next: 2. used. Learn more.
  4. Nov 24,  · something that jackasses say EVERY FUCKING OTHER WORD! You know! You know! You know! no i dont know cocksucker, why dont you fuckin tell me!
  5. You know what? definition is - —used to emphasize the statement that comes after it. How to use you know what? in a sentence.
  6. Now You Know is a educational technology YouTube channel creating unique videos on everything from Tesla and other electric cars, to vermi.
  7. You know.® is not just the name of Jennifer Halls' company, it is a truth for everyone that connects to their intuition. You gain a felt connection to the part of you that deeply knows and the ability to return to that space over & over for clarity, purpose, to live a wider life and much more.

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