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Nah Sell Out

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  1. Nah Sell Out Lyrics: Intro / Theofo Rio fren fi life (Gosh) / Nah look yuh wife seanizzle (yea) / Mr.G Droop Lion Damion / Chorus / Mi nah sell out mi fren dem / Nah go dis mi fren dem / Bare.
  2. Jan 01,  · Check out Nah Sell Out by Turbulence on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on
  3. Nah Sell Out is a track probably better suited to become the sequel to his biggest hit, Notorious, even moreso than the one he ultimately wrote for that role. Its a well powerful tune, it even has the electric feel to it which the original Notorious did as well. Nah Sell Out also receives a complete Acapella version at the end of the album/5(3).
  4. Nah sell out 11; 1; English Translation. Not selling out. Definition. Slang expression for saying that no matter what happens, you'll always be loyal to your friends. Example Sentences. Patois: Mi nah sell out English: I will always be loyal to my friends. Related Words.
  5. Mi nah sell out mi fren dem nah go dis mi fren dem Bare blessings mi sen dem Please, Jah, Guide and protect dem (rept.) Verse 2 Yea mi ture fren dem glad seh mi shat a road But di fake one dem want mi get gunshot a road Badmind is a ton a load Yow dem a nuh samurai but dem heart carry many role.
  6. Nah Sell Out Wanda if Dem Say di same or if dem a pree mi true the world say mi name or if dem stick around only just fi defend mi friends mi a ask unno, if mi can trust unno verse 2 sa so Even though we a trod from bag juice days Money start mek, Some a show two face can't look inna yuh eyes, dem a focus yuh ears Ready fi sell yu out fi a blase.
  7. Nah sell out me scheme Yard man no sell out fi no money green, a no we that Nuff bwoy a fish, could a never me that No bow out fi no money green, a no we that Skull hotter than cocoa, ask Cocoa Tea that Jamie make something chat, if you try gimme chat And you know say no bwoy can offer me that Addi a me daddy and the world know that.
  8. All di girls weh nah sell out yuh man Mi number one, yeah Dem seh your type nuh mek again But ever since yuh come inna mi life di best happen Mi love wi chemistry, maybe dat a pressure dem Yuh nuh have nuh competition, all yuh do a get atten And she a set a tren Yeah, she clean and pure.

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